How well does an Ultra Compact City do “Eco City”?

Would an Ultra Compact City qualify as an eco-city?

Purists may say no, as it is all about making room for cars in a better way. But who would like to don the hair-shirt and live in a city without cars for transport? For a lot of transport jobs cars are essential, either for making deliveries or to make a quick point-to-point trip. No public transport network will ever beat cars at this, no matter how extensive it is – at least as long as congestion is avoided.

However, an Ultra Compact City will reduce the distances travelled, something which will reduce energy usage considerably. Compact building also gives a customer base for public transport that enables it to have both an extensive network and to run continuously. Consequently it is likely that most trips will be made by foot + public transport.

The lower energy usage due to a diminished need for transport will consequently result in an Ultra Compact City having a considerably lower carbon footprint than the cities we are building today – making it an Eco City that people would actually love to live in.

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Bluesteel is a mechanical engineer/MBA graduate from Norway, employed in the oil industry. When he doesn't blog he enjoys skiing in winter and bicycling in summer.
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